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diu tour package Gujarat

Gujarat Diu Tour :

Gujarat is full of natural place which look beautiful and perfect place for  plan your vacations here in Gujarat Khushboo Gujarat ki this a project to promote Gujarat State Says ” ab to aaiye Gujarat me kuch din  to bitaye Gujarat me”.

The State Gujarat is so versatile tourist destination. Here your can visit forest Sasan Gir where you can see Lions, Hill station like saputara, pilgrimage tourist destination like Dwarka, Somnath, Ambaji, Dakor, Pavagad etc. , The exotic white Rann of Kutch (White Desert), large number of Heritage monuments, beautiful beaches like mandavi, Daman n the most beautiful DIU.


As everyone knows, this a place which  is famous for its beautiful beaches which are so neat and clean & pleasant. The place have been initiated by Portuguese. Today the place have become the most desired tourist destination among all the tourists at every corner of the world.

Here you can visit so many things Like;

  1. Naida Caves
  2. INS Kukhari
  3. St. Paul church
  4. Gangeshwar Temple
  5. Beautiful Beaches

We have a wide range of tour packages of Gujarat along with the destination DIU.

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dwarka tour

Dwarka somnath tour

Dwarka Tour :

Today we are going to discus about Dwarka Somanth How to go Dwarka??? Where should we stay??? Where should pay for good as DAAN?? So today we discus all first we will start for Dwarka let’s visit Dwarka with A CLASS HOLIDAYS..


This is a Place of lord Shree Krishna. This place was Lord Krishna’s Capital in Dwaparyuga. Now this place is known in 4 dham of India very peaceful & holy place with a holy river Small Ganga named GOMATI. People who comes here take a dip in this river and make pure their body according to mythology.

How To Reach Dwarka??

By Train bus Or airway reach to Ahmadabad you can book a cab with us with best price and experience divers. Who help you to make your trip perfect. You will find best hotels around the area but we provides the best hotel with best prices.

What to do after Arrival ??

After Arrival check in time 12’o’ clock so if you arrival earlier than 12 pm . Put your luggage to the local room of the hotel or your can book your hotel through us 1800-270-8181 / 7228886666 that you will not suffer for your betters.

Move to GOMATI Ghaath. Here Gomati river mix with the Arabic Ocean known also SANGHAM GHAATH. Take a dip in this river and take permission to move towards DWARKADESSH Temple…

Now let’s move to Dwarkadeesh Temple, this a temple which is 5 floor and this temple is have two Doors names ” Swarga Dwaar & Mokshy Dwaar”. This 235 meter is hight & on it 84 meter multi color Flag we will find. this is almost the most longest Flag in the world.

Here for Darshaan you will take 2 hrs. almost to reach towards the DWARKADEESH Also can visit the small temple or Mahal of the wives of Lord Krishna. After that visit PANDAVA KUND , You will really surprise to know here you will find Salt Water but in these kund you will find very pure & sweet water. Visit Laxmi Narayan Temple which is very old and “Rishi Durwash”  did his Tapashiya here under a tree.

You Can also visit DWARKA BEACH and enjoy sunset on the beach site with family & Friends.

Next Day In the morning 6:30 am go to DWRKADESSH TEMPLE again for Attending AARTI of morning.and move towards bet dwarka which is 30km afar from Dwarka, on the way we will find so many Temple

Visit these place on the way

  • Gopi talav
  • Rukmani mata Mandir
  • Nageshwar Jyotilingum
  • Bet Dwarka

after reach move toward the beach area and this is 30 min. boat ride to bet Dwarka in the ocean. At there you will find 5  big MAHAL first mahal is of Shree krishna except of his Wives.(Stayabhama, Rukamani, Radha, jamvanti).

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Rann utsav

Rann utsav information


Rann utsav :


Rann utsav Packages


Rann Utsav Packages 02n & 03 Days


Rann Utsav Kutch


Kutch Festival


Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages | Rann utsav bookings

Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages | Rann utsav bookings

Rann Utsav | Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages |

Rann utsav bookings

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Somnath tour

gujarat somnath tour | somnath online bookings and packages | somnath



This Jyotilingum is situated at in Gujarat. SOMNATH, DWARKA , JUNAGRH this part is known as Prabhas Shetra of Gujarat. Prabhas Means the Power of Light.Here,so many RISHI has did Lord Shiv’s Bhakti..here has  12 Sun temples was been at a time, this is the only reason this zone is known as Prabhas Shetra.

No doubt this place is know as SOMNATH Jyotilingum, but here Lord Krishna has spend some time with there all Krishna lilas. One of the most popular place is BHALKA Tirath. This place is full of Spirituality and positive power.

From so long this place is a way of Asatha and Shradha for people.

History of Somnath:-

1000 of years ago A very big and Beautiful temple there…but some of AFAGNI Kings enter rob all the Diamonds and gold from this temple also broken this beautiful temple of Lord Shiva..

After few of years in 1947 when India got independent,  Shri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel have taken this initiate with his team to construct this Somnath Temple.

today this place is the most popular place of India….So visit this place once…

Visit this Historical & Spiritual place with A CLASS HOLIDAYS

Gujarat Dwarka tour

gujarat dwarka tour book online | dwarka bookings and packages

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Dwarka (the Atlantis of EAST)

What is Dwarka ???

This place was been on the earth 3000 BC ago. This place is one of the Dham from all Four Dham of “SANATAN DHARMA”. Dwar means in hindi Darwaja (Door) Ka mean Bhrahma(the god who runs this universe) so the whole word means THE DOOR TO MOVE TO OTHER WORLD OF PEACE OR MOKSHYA.

Lord Shree Krishna have taken birth in Mathura and spend his young Age in Vrindavan than hi proceed to Sauratra…here according Puaran he have requested to SEA to give him a small piece of land to live & this land is know as Dwarkapuri today,Lord krishna became Dwarkadeesh.This Place is know as 8th Dwarka before it 7 Dwarkas dipped and destroyed in the Sea. This Place is Known as Gomati Dwarka.

This temple made by the Grand son of lord Krishna named Vajaranabh. Here we can find a beautiful Sliver Murti of Lord Dwarkadeesh. here near by a beautiful temple of CHARBHUJA NATH is located on the edge of Gomati River .

This is all about the Dwarka Dham…book your tour with A CLASS HOLIDAYS offers good Packages.

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gujarat tour bookings and packages | online gujarat tour booking | saputara


About Saputara:-

If you are planning for a small trip in gujarat Visit Saputara …Saputara is the place which is the star of Gujarat..this place is full of Natural things….Hills ,Rivers, animals,Birds,trees, waterfalls.Etc.this place is know as the Queen of Hills,at the spill of tone and the trusting birds in to a magical down of a wakening..visit Saputara plan today only…

.You have entered in Natures boom take a deep breath in SAPUTARA , lase with flowers  and watch the meditating raindrops sitting on sloping leaves ,some of forest covered in the sealant….IF HEAVEN IS HERE ON EARTH I CAN NOT BE ANYWHERE BUT IN SAPUTARA.

Saputara is the Queens of hills is Situated in the Syadari Mountain range, Saputara  is a unique hill station.This place is full of tourist, because of its cool weather.Tis place is very famous for newly married couples..this is very beautiful place.

tis place is most liking place because of its Cozy weather .visit enjoy every moment of here,enjoy there quite moments..Governor hillthe hight point of Saputara..where you can enjoy hide and seek with next..as the wind caress you,A place of heavenly joy..

.here we can enjoy Rope-way will give the bird eye view of this beautiful nature ,You can enjoy a ramie sun set and sun rise here this a treat by nature for you….the Monsoon season this is a magical place…

..at the monsoon time we can see the beautiful natural waterfall Girnar Waterfall a nature wonder just  Km from the hill Station..this place also challenge the youngsters for tracking of the Jangal nature camps wait for there arrival at the place..

.this place have some spiritual places also like SHABARI DHAM…the Pandava Cave,Hanuman Darshan in Garden…many more ….this Place is very perfect to enjoy your precious time with your family, friends,and in couple…

Places must visit to Saputara:-

  1. Artist Village
  2. Lake Garden
  3. sunset point
  4. sun rise point
  5. Saputara museum
  6. Nageshwar Mahadev
  7. Tube plateau
  8. Saputara hill Station etc.

visit Saputara we are to serve you our best services plan your trip with A CLASS HOLIDAYS…

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gujarat tours and pakages

gujarat tour booking and packages | gujarat tour bookings and packages


Gujarat is full of  visiting places and entertainments…Ahmadabad is the heart of Gujarat ..it is a beautiful city full of historical places and advance city…lets visit Ahmadabad with us today:-

  1. Sabarmati Arsharam:-

this place is also  know as Gandhi ashram or Satayagrah Asharam.this place is really very important in history and  lot of stuff happened here including and Gandhi ji lived in this Aashram 12 years in this Aashram…we can find all the original stuff of Mahatmagandhi here the Charka,the meeting room….if you Coming Ahmadabad must visit this place …

2.  Sarkhej Roza:-

This is a Mosque of 3 Afghani kings.   it made by very beautiful stone work …Must visit this place very beautiful building ..

  3.Textiles shop :-

This shop have all the stuff which is very famous in Gujarat ..all kind of textile related arts and attractions you can find here so easily…block print and Mirror work…

   4. Snack  store:-

which is really very famous in the world all Khakhara ,Fafda,Dhokla, Khandvi…This is very delicious food you will find here at all Famous food store …

  5. Dinosaur Fossil Park:-

here we can find the Fossils of Dinosaur …and enjoy the era of Dinosaurs…. can see the eggs.

6. Kakariya Lake:-

this is 2nd Largest lake in Ahmadabad. we can  enjoy Sag ways here..also can enjoy some mini golf …

7. Zip lining :-

Here We Can enjoy Zip Lining across the Sabarmati river..

8. Sidi Shayed :-

This also a beautiful Historical  building …..here we can find the peace of this place. this place is made with Caving ..

9. Jama Masjid:-

2nd Jama Masjid of India finds here.

10. Nagina wadi:-

A Lake Island looks beautiful in the night with Lights.

11. Rani Ro Hajiro:-

this a tomb .

12.Ellis bridge :-

Beautiful Sun Rise and Sun Set can see here.

13. Akshardham:-

This is a very famous spot of Ahmadabad…this place is famous for Light and sound show…

14 Adalaj Step Well:-

Amazing creation in history…this is a well with lots of Steps ..

15. Hatheesingh Temple:-

Very old and beautiful temple of Jainism Community must Visit.

16. Iskcon Temple:-

Iskcon who don’t know about Iskcon …the lord Krishna’s Beautiful temple full of peace and positive Vibes…

17. Science city:-

Made with very logical thing which happens in daily life…this really Tremendous ….

18. Kamla Nehru Park:-

Its basically a zoo..

19. Amdavad ni Gufa:-

Its a cave structure made by man.


Plan your Tour for AHMADABAD with A Class Holidays:-

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Gujarat Tours and travels

gujarat tours bookings and packages


book your Gujarat tour now with A Class Holiday…

Gujarat is a place which is full of Nature and Man’s wonder …make it your next destination this is the place where you can find the fragrance of different cultures inhabitants ,different languages,colorful dressup, melodies music, surprising musical instruments which sounds so melodies…

here all the place have there own specialties which make this state itself amazing and speechless…

Places :-

  1. Dwarka
  2. Somnath
  3. Rajkot
  4. Amadavad
  5. lothal
  6. Diu
  7. Sasangir
  8. Jamnagar
  9. Saputara
  10. Junagarh.
  11. Kutch
  12. ETC.

visit Gujarat this is a perfect place to plan for your Vacations. this time plan with A Class Holiday…..we are here to make your trip perfect according to your days plan…we have good Packages and best price…

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dwarka somnath tour

dwarka tour packages |somnath tour packages

Dwarka and somnath:-

  1. Dwarka is the door of Mokshya(to get free from this body and get connect with is soul ocean).According to Hindu religion this place is one of the most  holly place of India. if you have taken birth in Hindu religion its must to visit Dwarka once in life because this place is on of the CharDham …form here the CharDham Journey ends or Starts….this is a very religious land  which belong to LORD KRISHNA…

Here we can visit Dwakradeesh Temple (Lord Krishna)…this temple is so old and famous for its Historical Designs and its Spiritual energy…..In the evening here a we can Attend the Aarti(puja).and can feel the positive energy and can charge our Ora back….

India only RUKAMANI temple is also here(Rukamani was the One of the Favorite Queen from all 16108 Queens of Lord Krishna).Lady Rukmani looks very beautiful in this temple with all ornaments and heavy clothing.


2.Somnath the amazing place of GUJARAT….the powerful Shivlingum is here…which is very famous in world..lord Shiva has given Blessing to Moon here and given him life on this beautiful land of Sonmath….here an beautiful Sangam of Three holy rivers of India this placed  is Called as Trivendi Sangam. Huge temple of Shiva Jyotilingum.Balka Tirath this place is where Lord Krishna Left his Last Breath of his human Brith.

Dwarka and Somnath are perfect place for family and friends …..plan your tour of Dwraka and Somnath soon…

in Gujarat these both places  Dwarka and Somnath  are very religious place…Book your bookings now and get the best package……..

Visit Dwarka and Somanth Tirath with A CLASS HOLIDAYS:-

1800 270 8181