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Gujarat Tours

Gujarat Tours
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Tourism in Gujarat

The State Gujarat is situated on western side of India. This state is the seventh largest state in the country. This place is also known as motherland of iconic freedom fighters like Great Mahatma Gandhi and The ironman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Gujarat has always been so popular for tourism; there are lots of versatile places which always attracts tourism like forest of Sasan Gir which is only a place in the world where you can see Asiatic Lions and Beautiful beaches in Diu, Daman & Mandvi. An Exotic white Rann of Kutch where Gujarat Tourism celebrates every year a Great kutch festival called Rann Utsav. Temples like Somnath and Ambaji are great monuments of mythological history. The state Gujarat has always been an attraction for domestic as well as international tourists.

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A CLASS HOLIDAYS provides the best Packages for Gujarat tour. Here in Gujarat we can explore our self in all ways. We can find all Nature wonders and man’s made wonders in Gujarat. This State is not only full of Natural thing but also Religious Place.

The popularity of Gujarat's travel destination increasing day by day due to its versatile beautiful and famous places like, In Inscribable Gujarat we can Visit many place with Different Climate and Geological wonders.

In Gujarat we can visit Kutch: the largest District of India, Sasan Gir: The forest saffari , here we can find the Asian Loins, Dwarka : the Lord Dwarikadeesh temple, Somnath : the Jyotilingaum, Diu & Daman : the beach side, Saputara : the hill station and many more HISTORICAL PLACE like Lothal, Junagarh, Gondal, Palitana, Etc

we can plan many place here with best packages like: - Soul of Gujarat Package, Dwarka and Somnath Package, Wonderful Kutch Package, and Many more tremendous packages by A CLASS HOLIDAYS…

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Gujarat Tourism Services

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been promoting the tourism in Gujarat as a Brand Ambassador of Gujarat Tourism.

The state Gujarat is one of the fastest growing and developing states of the country. These days there are many big Commercial Events, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (e.g. Vibrant Gujarat) happening in the state wherein lots of MOUs, Agreements and Contracts are taking place domestically and at an International level.
If we talk about The King of forest "Lion" then Gujarat is only a place in the world where you can see Asiatic lions while forest safari at Sasan Gir. Other than lions; Gujarat has many rarest breeds of wild animals like Chikara, Wild Ass, Black Buck, Bears, Monkeys, Nilgai etc. Wildlife of Gujarat forest always attracts tourism to the state.
Gujarat has lots of religious monuments which has its interesting and valuable mythological history. These places are major cause of high tourism inflow to the state. Places which encourage this specific category of tourism to Gujarat are: Somnath, Ambaji, Dwarka, Sun Temple, Pavaghad, Dakor, Mahudi, Akshardham, Palitana, Buddist Cave etc.
Rich folk art culture defines Gujarat in the world. The major part of the Gujarat Culture is its folk art. The rich tradition is due to song, dance and drama. The variety of handicrafts include Patolas of Patan, Bandhani, Khadi, Kutchhi work, Block Printing, Embroidery, Bamboo Craft, Pottery, Woodcraft, Rogan Painting, Metal Crafts, Namda, Pithora and much more. The Gujarat Culture is the blend of the various cultures from Mughals, Arabs, Dutch, British, Portuguese and Parsis.
Heritage Properties and historical monuments have always attracted tourists from various parts of the world. Gujarat has been in limelight since years for the same reason. The state has such kind of many ancient places like: Laxmi Villas Palace, Champaner, Lothal etc.
The state Gujarat celebrates many festivals every year which increases inbound tourist flow from all the corners of world. Below mentioned are few famous festivals which are celebrated in Gujarat every year like:
Navratri Garba Dance Festival at Modhera
Rann Utsav Kite Festivals
Kankaria Carnivals Vibrant Gujarat Event