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gujarat tour bookings and packages | online gujarat tour booking | saputara


gujarat tour bookings and packages | online gujarat tour booking | saputara


About Saputara:-

If you are planning for a small trip in gujarat Visit Saputara …Saputara is the place which is the star of Gujarat..this place is full of Natural things….Hills ,Rivers, animals,Birds,trees, waterfalls.Etc.this place is know as the Queen of Hills,at the spill of tone and the trusting birds in to a magical down of a wakening..visit Saputara plan today only…

.You have entered in Natures boom take a deep breath in SAPUTARA , lase with flowers  and watch the meditating raindrops sitting on sloping leaves ,some of forest covered in the sealant….IF HEAVEN IS HERE ON EARTH I CAN NOT BE ANYWHERE BUT IN SAPUTARA.

Saputara is the Queens of hills is Situated in the Syadari Mountain range, Saputara  is a unique hill station.This place is full of tourist, because of its cool weather.Tis place is very famous for newly married couples..this is very beautiful place.

tis place is most liking place because of its Cozy weather .visit enjoy every moment of here,enjoy there quite moments..Governor hillthe hight point of Saputara..where you can enjoy hide and seek with next..as the wind caress you,A place of heavenly joy..

.here we can enjoy Rope-way will give the bird eye view of this beautiful nature ,You can enjoy a ramie sun set and sun rise here this a treat by nature for you….the Monsoon season this is a magical place…

..at the monsoon time we can see the beautiful natural waterfall Girnar Waterfall a nature wonder just  Km from the hill Station..this place also challenge the youngsters for tracking of the Jangal nature camps wait for there arrival at the place..

.this place have some spiritual places also like SHABARI DHAM…the Pandava Cave,Hanuman Darshan in Garden…many more ….this Place is very perfect to enjoy your precious time with your family, friends,and in couple…

Places must visit to Saputara:-

  1. Artist Village
  2. Lake Garden
  3. sunset point
  4. sun rise point
  5. Saputara museum
  6. Nageshwar Mahadev
  7. Tube plateau
  8. Saputara hill Station etc.

visit Saputara we are to serve you our best services plan your trip with A CLASS HOLIDAYS…

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