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gujarat somnath tour | somnath online bookings and packages | somnath

Somnath tour

gujarat somnath tour | somnath online bookings and packages | somnath



This Jyotilingum is situated at in Gujarat. SOMNATH, DWARKA , JUNAGRH this part is known as Prabhas Shetra of Gujarat. Prabhas Means the Power of Light.Here,so many RISHI has did Lord Shiv’s Bhakti..here has  12 Sun temples was been at a time, this is the only reason this zone is known as Prabhas Shetra.

No doubt this place is know as SOMNATH Jyotilingum, but here Lord Krishna has spend some time with there all Krishna lilas. One of the most popular place is BHALKA Tirath. This place is full of Spirituality and positive power.

From so long this place is a way of Asatha and Shradha for people.

History of Somnath:-

1000 of years ago A very big and Beautiful temple there…but some of AFAGNI Kings enter rob all the Diamonds and gold from this temple also broken this beautiful temple of Lord Shiva..

After few of years in 1947 when India got independent,  Shri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel have taken this initiate with his team to construct this Somnath Temple.

today this place is the most popular place of India….So visit this place once…

Visit this Historical & Spiritual place with A CLASS HOLIDAYS


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