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Dwarka somnath tour

dwarka tour

Dwarka somnath tour

Dwarka Tour :

Today we are going to discus about Dwarka Somanth How to go Dwarka??? Where should we stay??? Where should pay for good as DAAN?? So today we discus all first we will start for Dwarka let’s visit Dwarka with A CLASS HOLIDAYS..


This is a Place of lord Shree Krishna. This place was Lord Krishna’s Capital in Dwaparyuga. Now this place is known in 4 dham of India very peaceful & holy place with a holy river Small Ganga named GOMATI. People who comes here take a dip in this river and make pure their body according to mythology.

How To Reach Dwarka??

By Train bus Or airway reach to Ahmadabad you can book a cab with us with best price and experience divers. Who help you to make your trip perfect. You will find best hotels around the area but we provides the best hotel with best prices.

What to do after Arrival ??

After Arrival check in time 12’o’ clock so if you arrival earlier than 12 pm . Put your luggage to the local room of the hotel or your can book your hotel through us 1800-270-8181 / 7228886666 that you will not suffer for your betters.

Move to GOMATI Ghaath. Here Gomati river mix with the Arabic Ocean known also SANGHAM GHAATH. Take a dip in this river and take permission to move towards DWARKADESSH Temple…

Now let’s move to Dwarkadeesh Temple, this a temple which is 5 floor and this temple is have two Doors names ” Swarga Dwaar & Mokshy Dwaar”. This 235 meter is hight & on it 84 meter multi color Flag we will find. this is almost the most longest Flag in the world.

Here for Darshaan you will take 2 hrs. almost to reach towards the DWARKADEESH Also can visit the small temple or Mahal of the wives of Lord Krishna. After that visit PANDAVA KUND , You will really surprise to know here you will find Salt Water but in these kund you will find very pure & sweet water. Visit Laxmi Narayan Temple which is very old and “Rishi Durwash”  did his Tapashiya here under a tree.

You Can also visit DWARKA BEACH and enjoy sunset on the beach site with family & Friends.

Next Day In the morning 6:30 am go to DWRKADESSH TEMPLE again for Attending AARTI of morning.and move towards bet dwarka which is 30km afar from Dwarka, on the way we will find so many Temple

Visit these place on the way

  • Gopi talav
  • Rukmani mata Mandir
  • Nageshwar Jyotilingum
  • Bet Dwarka

after reach move toward the beach area and this is 30 min. boat ride to bet Dwarka in the ocean. At there you will find 5  big MAHAL first mahal is of Shree krishna except of his Wives.(Stayabhama, Rukamani, Radha, jamvanti).

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