white rann of Kutch

rann utsav,white rann of kutch


This is a state where White Rann Of Kutch exist in a huge huge Area which have no ends. This Rann is the Largest White desert of the world & people comes here from all over the world to see the Beauty of white rann of kutch in Rann utsav Time..Kutch is the Largest district of Gujarat and here lots of culture stays with their unique civilization and languages. Their civilization is very old at the time of Sindhu and Harappa Civilization have started from here only. The most old Modern city at the time of Harappa Civilization was built here in Kutch that place named as “Dholavira” .


This district have it’s own uniqueness with lots of heritage buildings and itself the WHITE RANN OF KUTCH. Here a city named as BHUJ this is the heart of Kutch from here we can get all the facilities to visit this district we can find Airport, Railways station, Bus Station all the facilities of transportation here…

Rann Utsav

Rann utsav is the main part of WHITE RANN OF KUTCH… This is the time when people comes here to enjoy the amazing beauty of this place…Rann utsav Organize in Dhordo City which is 50km a far from the White rann. In Dhordo basically 350 tents organize by Gujarat Govt. with all best facilities. enjoy rann utsav with all Kutchi cultures and their art and dance ,music  and many more..

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