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White Rann of  desert speckled with an array of colors, different shades of tradition and culture, a plethora of festivities all around !

The best ride in the beautiful salt desert.

Days are filled with a display of bright shades and designs in the form of the beautiful costumes the locals wear, from the women dress Coat in the most gorgeous of Skirts(Gagaras) and arms adorned with silver bangles to turbaned men in either loin cloths or short skirts, this is a sight that will find a place in your heart and rest there forever. Evenings bring a multitude of colors as the sun sets followed by a star-lit sky – the stuff that dreams are made of! The heart melting notes of the Surando make the experience mystical.

Put all these together and what you get is the Rann Utsav. The very picture of grandiose set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing beauty of Kutch. The full moon night brings with it a never ending magic of traditional dancing and music along with art and craft celebrations. There is no better time to visit this great white salt desert, than the Rann Utsav.


Cultural performance during the festival

This festival is organized by the Gujarat Tourism every year for 3 months and it travels to different places, introducing the world to the singularity of this region through various art forms. More than 12,000 tourists from all over the world were a part of the Rann Utsav last year who took away memories of a lifetime with them.


Paradise for shoppers!

This is a chance to go back in time, relax, unwind and let the beauty and simplicity of Rann of Kutch take over you. This is one destination in India that is on every traveler’s must-visit-list and here is the perfect opportunity to tick it off yours!

It is easily accessible from Bhuj train station or Bhuj airport. Various packages with different activities and options of sightseeing are available to suit your needs.

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