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kutch rann utsav

Kutch rann utsav

4 days package is best to explore in Rann utsav and with surrounding places:-

Arrival to the kutch Rann utsav and check in to the tent booked for you…you could spend the day exploring the tent city.Go for a camel sufari or hot air balloon and the Kutch Carnival,take a to the beach town Mandvi  or the Indo Pak. Border go for the bell watering to the Narayan Sarovar.

You can spend the entire day to visiting the surrounding villages which are famous for their beauty and handicraft and art on the returning from the journey to the Tent city visit the mascaraing view from Kalla dungar…

After reaching to the tent city ready for the activities to adventure and exploration of experience the kutch rann utsav has so much to offer.

have the experience of the spectacular Sun rise to Scintillating sun set. Experience the true beauty of the white desert in the evening. you might be seen many sun rise and sun set but this place admit that been there in the white rann with the light of full moon will be the experience of   another world all together, this is romantically beautiful. you will able to hear the sound of the silence there.

the people say If you haven’t seen kutch you haven’t seen nothing …

and there no better destination to be in kutch …Book your tour with A CLASS HOLIDAY

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