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Kutch :-

About Kutch District:-

This the western district of India and the largest district also ,This place is known for it’s unique beauty and for it’s cultural heritage ,Kutch is a land of Farmers and cattle breeders .

Kutch has a RANN towards North and East, and Sea toward south and west .This district derives it’s name because of it’s shape which is up side down like a turtle in hindi turtle  know as “Kutch”.

the word kutch also mean a Marshy land. The dry Climate and geographical isolation have taught the Kutchi Manu to smile the face of adversity,impossible optimization and Perpetual hospitality is the kutchi way of life.

Hardship and the desert are the best teachers of the life and these lessons began in from birth here..being the western most strip of  land  kutch is the first way of contact with all ingratiating creature being birds and humans..

The white rann is not only responsible for the migratory birds but also the dry climate of Kutch absorbing the moisture from the sea breeze,The rann which waas once probably the sea is often mistaken for the desert ….

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