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Kutch Rann Utsav:

Kutch Rann Utsav   This Utsav  is Organize by Govt. Of Gujarat from 2011,its being all most from 7 Years …Its in A festival of joy, A festival of Art, A Festival of Cultures, A festival of Gujarat , A festival of get together, this is a “Festival of Rann  Mhotsava”…

This festival started to Promote Gujarat & Kutch to introduce the people,  about this Magical  Geological Changes of Nature…this Festival organize in Dhordo village . which a far from Dhordo  White rann of Kutch is all most 60Km..where the wonder of nature present from March to Sept. end, this place is full of Water of Arabic Sea with no end , From Sept. to Feb. this place converts in to A desert  with full of Salt with no ends….That why this place is known as White Rann.

This is an amazing change of nature,  that’s why the people being here used says  “RANN NHI DEKHA THO KYA DEKHA” which is actually very fact thing…

That why Gujarat Govt. has Decided to Promote this place with the name of Kutch Rann Utsav…Here we can Observe lots of things about different Civilization and Cultures…All Cultural activities bloom here,  in front   of Tourist who comes here in Rann utsav, from all over the world and they respect their art and handicrafts. Many of Tourist came to Kutch and Wrote the Documentaries on these villager’s ART AND HNDICRATFS , which have given a very nice boost to those workers to get famous to all over the world.

why to visit RANN MHOTSAV:-

Visit KUTCH RANN UTSAV and have a experience with your ownself ….A CLASS HOLIDAYS have very good and Balanced Packages.  visit Rann Utsav and the near by villages,  which are full of Natural art and their Handicrafts.

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