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places to visit in gujarat

tour gujarat packages

places to visit in gujarat


This state is the most versatile state of India…here we can find all kind place to visit this is a perfect place to plan with family,to plan with friends, to plan as School or college trip, Perfect place for Industrial tour and many more..

plan Gujarat as your next destination..here we can find Beaches, Temples, Forests, Hill Stations, historical places, Deserts any many more..

here we can plan our package with A CLASS HOLIDAY which works from AHMADABAD city the heart of Gujarat can provides you the packages and best guides for making your trip perfect.

What we can visit in Gujarat??

We should go for Sauratra Darshan.

  1. Dwarka
  2. Somanth
  3. Palitana
  4. Sasan gir
  5. Diu
  6. Jamnagar
  7. Junagarh
  8. Velvedar
  9. Porbandar
  10. Rajkot

except of it we can visit

  1. Ahemdabad
  2. Kutch
  3. etc

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