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gujarat tours and packages

Gujarat ki Khushboo:-

  1. Saputara:-

The starting location of Gujarat. this location is a star for Gujarat here we can find pure nature hill,full of trees, animals, birds,river,the really beauty of nature .

here lord Rama spent few time of his Exile time in these forests.this land full of Arts beautiful paintings,Dance and Music forms,famous for there delicious food.Feel the peace in this nature this is a harmony between a man and with this beautiful nature.

   2. Ahmadabad:-

Ahmadabad  is heart of Gujarat . No. of tourist arrival every year to Gujarat and visit Ahmadabad specially.This city is famous for its Delicious food and its law Garden for Shopping.Lots of historical places here to visit

    3.  Amba ji:-

Amba ji is a SHAKTIPEETH…this place is famous for MAA AMBE TEMPLE this temple is made by all white Marbles with beautiful..here we can also visit GABBAR hill.

 4. Dwarka:-

this a Door of  MOKSHYA Dwarka.this a Dham from 4Dhams..According to Hinduism your life is incomplete without visiting Dwarka dham.here A Historical temple Of DWARKADEESH (the lord Krishna’s)Temple this built many years ago.

 5. Somnath:-

Here Lord SHIVA’S very beautiful temple which includes in 12 Jyotilingums. Once in life should visit this place.

6. Gir:-

The Forest full of Asian Lions And full of Nature. visit Gir…A beautiful destination for nature lovers.

7. Kutch:-

Famous for its different Culture ,Arts and Handicrafts.Near Bhuj there is village Named Dhrondo where Gujarat Govt. Organize Rann Utsav this a very beautiful and marvelous place for couple and families too.

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