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Gujarat tour packages, Gujarat tourism, tour packages

tour gujarat packages

Gujarat tour packages, Gujarat tourism, tour packages

Hii My Dear Friends!!!

Do You Love to travel..??? Have you ever been to India??

India is a beautiful place with so many wonderful historical monuments and nature. One of the most famous state of India is Known as Gujarat. This land is awarded this year with name of Historical state.

Here you Can find so many beautiful and eyes wondering Historical art on buildings, mosques, on Temple’s wall and much more which attracts tourist every year here to Gujarat.

You can visit Ahmadabad which is the heart of the state where you can find the most oldest monuments of India like Jama Masjid, Sidi Sayed Jali, Rani ni vaw, Adalaj, Shahi bagh, Oldest Havelies, old buildings, and much more which can make your trip amazing and unforgettable ever.

You Can visit Sasan gir. Where you can find Asiatic Lions and wild life sanctuary, Where you can enjoy the traditional life of Gujarat in forest villages.

Visit Dwarka, Somnath the most oldest pilgrimage places of India and considered as holly places which attracts tourist every year here which increase the no. of Gujarat tourism.

OOOO!!!!!! how we can forget about Kutch ####

KUTCH the place where you can’t stop yourself to say WOW!!! yes am right, Visit Kutch in winters and enjoy a festival of Gujarat named as RANN UTSAV.  This basically a tent city festival people comes here from every corner of the world it is tremendous place to be once because people how have visited this wonderful White Desert in the full moon night says ” KUTCH NHI DEKHA TO KUCH NHI DEKHA” means if you not been to Kutch once, you missed a amazing place of this earth. This festival organize by Gujarat tourism.

Visit Gujarat with our best tour packages. We A CLASS HOLIDAYS serve the best price and packages to our client to visit and make their memories with our Gujarat tour packages.

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