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gujarat dwarka somnath bookings

dwarka somnath

gujarat dwarka somnath bookings


Let’s know some things about Dwarka and somnath


this place is the most spiritual place of India….where every year number of peoples comes to Gujarat to visit this place Dwarka…this place is full of lord krishna’s blessings ..according to people say this is 8th Dwarka  other 7 are in the ocean this Dwarka known as Goamati Dwarka nagari.

this is the door towards mokshya….


Visit somnath this also one of the most religions place of India…this place is full of power of positive energy, this place is itself magical place…1000 time this place have broken by mugal and other Afgani kings but still this temple is as it is  nobody could make harm to somnath.

Place Gujarat tour as Dwarka somnath packages with a class holidays..

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