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dwarka somnath bookings online

dwarka somnath

dwarka somnath bookings online


Gujarat is a beautiful place here we can enjoy so many different environment and cultures people who live here says “Char Kos par badale pani or AAth kos pr badle vani…Different food, different place like historical place, beach place, hill stations, forests and many more changes after a certain distance.

Dwarka Somnath tour

These both places are known as the most power and peaceful place of not only Gujarat but also whole India. these both place are the most priest place which is known as MOKSHYA DWAR and other is known as JOYOTILINGUM.

How to book your tour online for DWARKA SOMNATH ??

the distance of Dwarka from Ahmadabad is 451Km almost 7hrs.30min. route.

we can move from Ahmadabad by private Cab.

from RajKot the distance is 235km and it takes to cover this distance 4hrs 50 min. almost..we can reach to rajkot by train or air..from here we can hire a cab for dwarka that cab with make you visit all the places after reaching dwarka

first arrival can be Ahmadabad or Rajkot

  1. Jamnagar
  2. Dwarka
  3. porbandar
  4. somnath
  5. Diu
  6. Sasan gir
  7. Junagarh
  8. Rajkot

visit Dwarka somnath with a class holiday our team works from Ahmadabad and we organise tour for Gujarat & Rajasthan..book your tour and all travel service with us

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