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Can you believe if I will say A Ocean can convert in a Desert and a Desert can convert into an Ocean???

Yes, my dear friends, this is possible, It is a wonder of Nature which occurs in Kutch Gujarat, This place is a true wonder of geographical changes of the beautiful nature. This place is known as the White desert of Kutch. This desert area is used full of water in rainy season but from July to Sept. this land convert into A desert. All the salt marsh gives it a white color with no ends. This is reputed in the world as The largest White Desert.

From Nov. to Feb. here a festivity organized by The tourism of Gujarat,  to exploring the beauty of this place so they organize a festival with the name of Rann Utsav. This year this festival is going to organize from 01st Nov. 2018 – 02nd Feb. 2019.

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We have three well-Customized packages like;

  1. 03Nights/04Days
  2. 02Nights/03days
  3. 01Night/02days

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