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rann utsav kutch 2018-2019

Rann Utsav

The land of white desert in kutch, is now become so popular among tourists. The exotic white rann of kutch’s popularity increases due the most popular kutch festival known as Rann Utsav.

Rann Utsav kutch festival is an initiative takes by Gujarat Tourism, which made this destination so popular among entire country as well as in abroad too.

An huge swiss tent city develop an design as accommodation for tourist coming to be the part of Rann Utsav kutch Gujarat.

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rann-utsav 2018

2018 kutch festival

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rann utsav 2018packages
rann utsav 2018

Festival which means the happiness, joy to the area of nearby. Yes, this festival which is named as Rann Utsav brings lots of happiness & joy to the area of Kutch. This is basically a dry state, a desert area which is a very famous part of India, The White Desert of Kutch.

Rann Utsav is a festival which organizes in winters only almost from Nov. to Feb. this yeat this festival is going to organize from 01st Nov. 2018 to 20th Feb. 2019. This festival is held here from last 6 years to promote White desert, because this is one of the best and wonder geographical changes.

Rann Utsav is one of the best festivals in India which is an amazing festivity Kutch, Visit Rann Utsav with us and get price and packages with best discounts. The accommodations are Tents which sound a little adventure type but this one is a Home Stay type with all facilities with attached bathroom and all-time hot and cold running water and also sitting arrangments. Meals are also included in Rann Utsav packages(Breakfast, Lunch, High tea, Dinner,).

TAke a look on Packages:

  1. 03N/04D
  2. 02N/03D
  3. 01N/02D

Accommodations types:

  1. Premium Tents
  2. AC Tents
  3. Non AC Tents

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rann utsav

2018 packages

Rann Utsav 2018 packages : 1800-270-8181

Rann Utsav by hearing this name only there is a big smile appears on my face because this is a festivity of joy, color, happiness, shopping, and a relaxing tour to Kutch for experiencing the beautiful nights of White Desert of Kutch.

My Dear friends!!! If you still unseen and not experienced the Kutch Rann Utsav, My suggestion is to you to visit this year this festival which is one of the largest Cultural events in India. This festival is organizing from last 6 years and which attract tourism from every corner of the world for experiencing this festivity.

Here you can explore My dear friends with so many things like different cultures, different traditions, Different Cuisine and yes, of course, mouth-watering one. You can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of White rann with no ends looks like the snow with no ends. This will be hypnotized by nature the true beauty.

Visit this place on some special occasion with some special Rann Utsav packages like:

  1. Weekends packages
  2. Full Moon Night Packages
  3. Kite Festival packages
  4.  V’tine day’s packages
  5. Christmas  Night packages
  6. New Year Night Packages

We A CLASS HOLIDAYS serve the best price and packages like

  1. 01Night/02Days Packages
  2. 02Nights/03Days Packages
  3. 03Nights/04Days Packages

Book your package now and get the best price and deals with us on approx 10% Discount at the rate of Rann Utsav.

There you will find 03 Kinds of Tent Accommodations;


Every tent has an attached bathroom with 24hrs. running water hot and cold water, With all neat and clean bedsheets and all great arrangement which gives you Home like stay.

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Rann utsav kutch

Utsav rann 2018

Rann Utsav 2018: 1800-270-8181

Do you know when Rann utsav is going to organize??

Hello Friends!!

This year this tremendous festival is going to organize from 01/11/2018 to 20/02/2019. This amazing festival attract tourism form every corner of the world. This is a very huge and lager festivity of India. Rann Utsav organize in Gujarat, Kutch district, near White rann of Kutch. This Desert id the largest white desert of the world.

rann-utsav 2018
Rann utsav 2018

Rann utsav a cultural festivity of Kutch. Which bring lots of happiness to this area with a economical support. In rann ustav festival tourist can find so many attractive stuff in the shopping market. The embroidery on cloths and leather like purse, dress and footwears so many things which gives a new fashion to the world. Here tourist can find wooden art with beautiful handicraft which the worker got in legacy from their generation to generation because of this the artist have a finest art in their work which gives a unique identity in the world.

Here in the Kutch Rann Utsav the tourist can stay in a luxurious home like stay with all facilities in the temporary tents. Here all most 350-400 tents builds with a club house, dinning area, adventures and activities, Kids zone, Shopping market and much more to explore the tourism view like near by villages life style, Black hill bird eye’s view, delicious food of Kutch, And the most beautiful part is White Rann Kutch.

Book this festival of Rann utsav on special dates like:

  1. Full Moon Nights
  2. Kite Festival
  3. V’tn days
  4. Christmas day
  5. New year Night
  6. Weekend

We have the best price and packages for tourist with best discount rate.

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rann utsav

2018 utsav rann

Rann Utsav 2018: 1800-270-8181

Rann utsav is one of the biggest festival of India. This festival every year organize by Gujarat tourism department from Nov. to Feb. This Rann utsav carnival runs almost 3 Months of year ending to starting of new year. This Festival is famous for it’s perfect management and the shopping market, and Yes Of-course for the beauty of White Desert area. 

This year Rann utsav is going to organize from 01/11/2018 to 20/02/2019. Like every year this year all the 300-350 Tents will build there as temporary base in three type:

  1. Royal Tents
  2. AC Tents
  3. Non AC Tents.

All the area will be divided in to 6 parts. Here you can find so many activities and adventures for fun. With accommodations you will also find a Club house, a Kid Zone, Dinning hall, shopping market and much more.  Which make your trip amazing to rann utsav.

Tourist can enjoy so many near by places like small villages, Black hill, Swami narayan Temple, Bhuj, Mandvi the beach area the most attractive part, Which is white Rann of Kutch. 

People comes to rann utsav on the occasions of some special dates Like on Weekends, Full moon nights, Kite festival, V’tine day, Christmas, New Year night celebration. On these occasion there are some special activities organize by Tourism departments.

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