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Wel Come!!!to the Rann Utsav ..a time for the Stack land to dome the colorful ropes of festivity ,who would have thought for such kind of joy on this land ,time to breath in the air of celebration , breath in Gujarat . this a Celebration of life in White desert.

Many traveler comes from across the world here in the city Bhuj. This city full of lifes and colors …near of this city there is a village named as Dhorodo village where is Rann Utsav Organize.this place is full of activities and adventure color of different culture in Rann Utsav.

At this utsav time several activities  runs with different zones of this tent city

the Tent city divided in parts like Play Zone ,Conference Zone, Four kind of different  tent Premium tent, Deulex  tent,Non Ac Tent , Economic non Ac…..over all around 500 tents organize there on the occasion of Rann Utsav.

its full of Cultures ,Arts & handicrafts …come and join us this year pre booking open with A class Holidays

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kutch the rann festival

Kutch the Rann Festival :- Toll free 1800 270 8181

This is the time move to the beautiful TENT CITY of Rann …this is the most beautiful and center of Attraction for tourists.time to plan for rann  prebook your adventure tour of  Gujarat the Rann Of Kutch festival. This Festival starts in Min.of Nov. to Feb. ….the people who have been here in Kutch  Festival say “Rann nhi dekha to kya dekha” very true lines …..actually this place on this level beautiful with all around white sand only with no ends a ocean of white sand …..WOW!! Nature …

On this white sand lots of colors of cultures inhibited with many different colorful clothing and languages….this place is full of Arts and melodies music like Sufi Music folk Music of Kutch…

Adventure in Kutch of Rann Festival:-

  1. Paragliding
  2. Chakra ride(Jeep kind of)
  3. Hot air Balloons

Shows In Kutch Of Rann Festival:-

  1. Puppet Show
  2. Sufi & Folk Musical Night
  3. Every evening Cultural night

Many more Attractions we will find there with lots of surprise , adventures and full of cultures . So Hurry up!!!

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kutch utsav bookings

Kutch Rann Utsav 2017-2018

Rann Utsav 2017 – 2018 :-

Rann utsav Kutch Festival Bookings at cheapest price, in white rann of kutch celebrates many types of moment like dance, music, carnival of music, nature beauty and much more then that visit under the full moon, for rannutsav bookings, kutch utsav packages information, rannutsav details, how to reach white rann of kutch, rannotsav online bookings, kutch festival booking, tent bookings mail us at aclassholidays@gmail.com or Call Toll-Free: 1800 270 8181. you can book your rannutsav packages online at www.rannutsavbookings.com.


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Rann ustav 

Rann of  Kutch is favorite destination of Gujarat, Numbers of tourist come here to enjoy this festival of Kutch in White desert. This place is full of different Cultures & different Arts because this place is situated on the tip Sindu river from the very first Sindu Civilization originated. this is a total white slat marsh of Rann of Kutch.

Rann of Kutch Place is situated on the Border of India & Pakistan.Many of years ago Many of these have reached this region after centuries of migration from neighbouring regions of Marwar(Western Rajasthan), Sindh, Afghanistan and further.This the Only reason rann of Kutch have very different Cultures here.

Specialty of Rann Of Kutch Festival  :-

The music which is influenced by Sufi & Folk songs,musical  Instruments like- Bhorrindo, Manjira , Morchay, Jodia Pava & Rava. The language spoken in Kutch is Kutchi language. Various handicraft items full of with Arts “ Garments Embroidery, Handwall painting, Jewellery items, Wood Carving, Wall Paintings, & many more .must visit Rann of Kutch Festival The people who visited the Rann of Kutch Says  “RANN NHI DEKHO TO KYAA DEKHA” . Visit once Rann Utsav once in your life feel all the different culture surrounding you. Rann is a destination where all generations can Enjoy, you can come with Family ,with Friends, with your Couple this is the most romantic place in the full moon night . plan your special day here to spend the time with your couple .

Rann of Kutch festival

Booking are Open for the Amazing experience of Kutch Rann  Utsav.

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kutch Rann Utsav

Rann Utsav Kutch:

rann utsav
rann utsav

The kutch festival called Rann Utsav is becoming the most favorite tourist destination of the country day by day…

The festival is organised by Gujarat Tourism every year this festival Kutch Runn Utsav..this is been organised at dhordo village which is situated near white desert of Kutch..Rann Utsav Kutch festival is a combination of lights, colors, joy, tradition, etc.

Gujarat tourism develop a huge luxurious swiss tent city at dhordo village Kutch for all the tourists coming from all the corner of the country to be the part of this beautiful event festival Rann Utsav.

Normally this Kutch festival going on for 4-5 months from Nov to feb..

There are different rann utsav packages available for 1-2-3 nights which includes swiss tent accomodation, all meals and sight seeing, pickup and drop from bhuj, sight seeing, adventures activities etc…!!

Form more information regarding Rann Utsav packages..

Rann utsav 2017-2018 bookings open..!!!!

for Rann Utsav Booking…


for more information or for Rann Utsav kutch bookings, you can dial @ 1800 270 8181 or mail us