kutch the rann festival

Kutch the Rann Festival :- Toll free 1800 270 8181

This is the time move to the beautiful TENT CITY of Rann …this is the most beautiful and center of Attraction for tourists.time to plan for rann  prebook your adventure tour of  Gujarat the Rann Of Kutch festival. This Festival starts in Min.of Nov. to Feb. ….the people who have been here in Kutch  Festival say “Rann nhi dekha to kya dekha” very true lines …..actually this place on this level beautiful with all around white sand only with no ends a ocean of white sand …..WOW!! Nature …

On this white sand lots of colors of cultures inhibited with many different colorful clothing and languages….this place is full of Arts and melodies music like Sufi Music folk Music of Kutch…

Adventure in Kutch of Rann Festival:-

  1. Paragliding
  2. Chakra ride(Jeep kind of)
  3. Hot air Balloons

Shows In Kutch Of Rann Festival:-

  1. Puppet Show
  2. Sufi & Folk Musical Night
  3. Every evening Cultural night

Many more Attractions we will find there with lots of surprise , adventures and full of cultures . So Hurry up!!!

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