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Wel Come!!!to the Rann Utsav ..a time for the Stack land to dome the colorful ropes of festivity ,who would have thought for such kind of joy on this land ,time to breath in the air of celebration , breath in Gujarat . this a Celebration of life in White desert.

Many traveler comes from across the world here in the city Bhuj. This city full of lifes and colors …near of this city there is a village named as Dhorodo village where is Rann Utsav Organize.this place is full of activities and adventure color of different culture in Rann Utsav.

At this utsav time several activities  runs with different zones of this tent city

the Tent city divided in parts like Play Zone ,Conference Zone, Four kind of different  tent Premium tent, Deulex  tent,Non Ac Tent , Economic non Ac…..over all around 500 tents organize there on the occasion of Rann Utsav.

its full of Cultures ,Arts & handicrafts …come and join us this year pre booking open with A class Holidays

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