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Rann Utsav:-

An Experience by our Client in Kutch Rann utsav 2016-2017.

Hello friends,

My personal  experience of last year in KUTCH RANN UTSAV.

Last year I have been to Kutch Festival with a very nice Package by A CLASS HOLIDAYS. My experience was tremendous in this festival. A CLASS HOLIDAYS made my Package with  very Good and in a systematic, so it was very easy to enjoy all the festival with  free mind. Now am going to Share my person experiences, what  I did there in the KUTCH RANN FESTIVAL and how I enjoyed that time….

Day 01:-

I have arrival to Bhuj. Bhuj is the very famous city of Kutch…Here a AC luxurious bus was waiting for us ,that was 40 seats bus but very comfortable. We proceed towards The Rann Utsav that place was approximately 90km far…This Kutch Utsav organize in a village named Dhordo Village,  this place know as Tent City in the festival time…after my arrival,  I check in to my tent at 11Am..more recent I fresh up in my tent in the evening, we have proceed to see WHITE RANN OF KUTCH..which was 40km from the tent City there, I  enjoyed SunSet. We back to Tent City . At night after Dinner , I enjoyed the night activities there which was Speechless experience for me….

Day 02:-

We have proceed toward some Small Villages of this Zone …All the small village, I visited there was an experience of life time for me. I have been first time in Such kind or traditional villages,  where all ladies and girls were in Lehnga choli,all men were in Safa …all the cloths they was bearing  very colorful and full of hand art..I brought lots of good stuffs from there….

later on I visited the KALA Dungar(black hill)from here I have seen the WHITE RANN OF KUTCH WITH BIRD’S EYES VIEW, that was looking like the ground which is full of Snow with no ends…long long and longgggg…..

after this  I have visited Narayan Sarovar, Swami Narayan Temple,Koteshwar Mahadev,and many more different Spiritual places..In the evening I was back to my tent city and again enjoyed night with some other Cultural activities, After reaching  in the Festival I Enjoyed some adventures too with my friends Like: paragliding, Chakra ride.etc. which was a marvelous experience for me there.

Day 03:-

Today, time to Bye Bye Rann Utsav!!!!!! And going to Mandvi…….A beach area…..such a beautiful beach it was with lots of peace….i have visited here so many places like : Vijay Villas Palace – Summer retreat of the royal family. Visit to Organic Farm; 72 Jain Temple Complex; Shipping Yard at Mandvi. This was the best part of this trip the Pleasant evening on private beach with a beautiful Sunset…..in the night I did a little shopping and relax overnight to my Hotel room….

Day 04:-

Here my journey ends with Mandvi from here Driver droped me and my friends to Bhuj which was 60Km all most an Hour’s rout…I had my fight and back to Pavilion  with Lots of good memories in this trip with A CLASS HOLIDAYS services ….

THANK YOU A CLASS HOLIDAYS!!!!!for such a nice and perfectly managed package for us03Nights and 4 days in our Budget…

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Rann utsav

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Rann usatv:-


Imagine the Map of India as a human figure than this part would be the hand to reaching out the water of Arabian sea.In this reason a Festival organize  by  Gujarat Govt. known as Rann Utsav.

People Correctly say ” if you haven’t been in kutch yet, You haven’t seen Nothing”.

A desert which looks like a field of Snow.This wonderful land can see all over in India here in Kutch only .It attract numbers of people here every year on the occasion of Rann Utsav.

Rann Utsav:-

The Gujarat tourism Organize this festival to introducing the not only the beauty of the region but also the art and craft . They convert Dhrondo village in Tent City for few months.This Tent city have some small shops of Art and handicraft of this zone villagers this art and handicraft is full of colors..

here we can find different culture  with different music and dance form….Here we can enjoy the Siddhi’s Dhamal  dance form, which is came from Africa and many more civilization and culture dance form with there music…

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kutch rann utsav

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Gujarat fusion of  mother nature loves and man’s wonders,Gujarat a place where a visit to single destination can transport you many centuries ago,because gujarat is unique land of diversity has many topics to up work. and most popular part of Gujarat is Kutch…among the traveler of the world comes here in Gujarat every year.


Kutch the land of the creators ,a land of myriad color and infinite  verities ,Kutch where time has left its foot prints,passage of time the foot prints can be observed with Dhola veera,this is the oldest city with many years ago civilization. Magnificent architecture and Structures.all old civilization left lots of things,and buildings as there legacy art and architecture . milds and milds  of land marsh have given birth to many unique society …which is full of colors.the people of kutch has bareness with their colorful hand made embroidery.every community have their own art and embroidery which is world famous.

Kutch Rann utsav:-

you can feel these all civilization surrounding you on the occasion of Kutch Rann Utsav. also feel the nature the beautiful romance SKY AND LAND in the full moon night.

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Rann Utsav:-

Kutch is a District of Gujarat where  kutch Rann utsav organize in Dhrondo Village..Rann white desert is Approximate 5km from the Tent City. Kutch is a very wonderful place here one side The Large White desert and on another side its full of Hand Arts,Dance,Music.

Kutch is the most largest district of India and Gujarat too.Here we can find lost of cultural and 18 casts they all live in this desert area.they all have different languages different rules and regulations but still all live together with lots of happiness and joy. Numbers of tourism comes here to see and visit these civilizations here in Rann of Kutch.

At the time of Kutch Rann Utsav, people comes to see Sunset,sunrising,full moon night. As time passes from morning to evening it changes its color in the morning with the light of Sunrising this white desert looks with orange color in the noon its looks white pure white,it shines like pearls on earth,at the night the full Rann gives the reflection of Moon Light…this is a place full of peace and nature.

specially on the occasion Rann Utsav people comes here to enjoy this festival .Really the tourist can feel the fragrance of many casts here its really very true in a Kutchi song “KUTCHDO NANADANVAN…EK GHATH PR RAM BASAT HE EK GHATH PR RAHEEM MARO KUTCHDO NANDANVAN…”Amazing lines sung by Kutchi Ladies…time to feel the Kutchi Fragrance inkutch  Rann Utsav

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Rann the Kutch Festival:

knowledge of “how the tent city  built at the occasions Rann Utsav.??

From 2007 Gujarat govt. is organizing this festival in Dhordo village of Bhuj area,Working conditions in the day 49′ c. and in the night below 3’c. Making Barred land as the famous destination is takes all most 60days or 2 months. this festival organize in 5,00,000 sq.MTS. this equal of 34 football ground, for transforming this place in a Carnival city all most 50,00,000 kg Material uses.this festival comprised of approximately 350 tents spread in  9 gigantic Clusters.

these tents divided in 4 categories in Rann Utsav .

  1.    2 Darbari tent (premium tent/swiss tent) :-

with all luxury Facilities. This tent is built in 1600 Sq.ft. With Double Bed and one Shahi Sofa set. These no. of tents are 125 in this tent city.

     2. Cozzy & lavish tent:-

this is with 44 Sq.ft. with double bed and with a comfortable sitting zone. 125 swiss Lvish Cottage .

   3. Non AC Swiss tents:- 100 Non AC tents available in the tent city


  • this Desert carnival has 2 Dinning hall in the area of 1200 Sq. MTS. and another one 500 Sq. MTS.
  • this Tent city fully equipped with Nephropathy & Spa Center.
  • conference & Yoga center
  • leisure Club & cafe
  • Event Desk & Area Activities
  • Adventure Activities like ATV Bike Riding ,Paragliding ETC.
  • Exceptionally well Manage Reception area.

the Rann Utsav is beautifully embellished by tribal kutchi inspired Facades.

so hurry up for bookings for the beautiful distention of Gujarat.

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