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Gujarat tourism Rann Utsav project:

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Rann utsav is festival which organize every year in winters by Gujarat tourism.   Gujarat tourism organize this Festival to promote

the Kutch “White Desert of Rann”. This Festival Promotes by Mr. Amitaabh Bacchan ji on Television or and other Social media from Sept.

This festival organize with pomp & show.

A beautiful swiss Tent city organize here with 500 no. of tents.

Gujarat tourism take care of every last facilities of tourist desires. This is very big project which is organize from NOV. to 4th MARCH

named Kutch Festival or Rann utsav.

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  2. Rann Utsav bookings, Rann utsav Packages, Rann utsav Kutch
  3. Rann Utsav bookings, Rann utsav kutch, Rann utsav packages.

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