Rann utsav

Rann utsav

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The festival Rann Utsav is one of the most awaited festival, whose focus is the celebration of life, festivities and culture of the Kutch and Gujarat. For more than three months, the world gathers around this small oasis, when rich colors are sprinkled over the barren lands of the Rann. The festival offers incredible opportunity for visitors to experience the varied traditions and hospitality of the people of the Kutch.

On a clear, full moon night, the region awakens to an all new charm when the full glory of the white desert of Rann rise to its splendor. This amazing time is celebrated with an endless cycle of dance, when age- old traditions and customs are revived.

Exhibiting colors all over, the numerous fairs held near the banks of a lake fills one with a memorable spirit of festivity, fervor and joy. On the other hand various organized tours around Kutch is a wonderful opportunity to mix with the people and be a part of the region while experiencing the exclusiveness and enthusiasm of the local life and occasion.

Besides, Rann Utsav also plays host to wide range of engaging activities like Camel Safaris, Pool, Table Tennis, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Para-motoring, Archery, ATV, Giant Chess, Bicycle, and Net Cricket etc. It is definitely one of the most remarkable and memorable moments for visitors.

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