white rann festival booking

white rann festival booking

White Rann Of Gujarat

Gujarat is full of nature wonders one of these wonder and exotic place is Kutch…which is truly wonderful with lots of wonderful arts and handicrafts and many more thing…here lots of culture  inhabitants  with lots of happiness and their unique traditions which attract people from all over the world…


In kutch the most beautiful place exist which is known as White Rann of Kutch or White desert..this is the largest which the largest white desert in all over the world..this is full of Salt marsh with huge huge area..near this lots of small villages  inhabits which makes its beauty on beyond level.visit this place once in your life..

Rann Utsav booking

Rann utsav is  place where you can find  peace of mind with lots of cultural activities and you can feel the relaxation in the air with all facilities in swiss tent city…You can book  this tour with any of best white rann festival booking TripAdvisor.It will be very convenient to organize your trip…If your want book your Swiss tent book it now because pre bookings are open for this beautiful festival…

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