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when proceeding to Rann of Kutch first you have to arrival to  Bhuj by your flight or Train. when arrival check in to your hotel and get fresh & up and do sight seen of the city Bhuj..here we will find many places which are famous for their beauty.visit following place

Monuments :-

  1. Kutch museum 
  2. Aina mahel(Shish Mahel)
  3. Prag Mahal
  4. Swami Narayan Temple
  5. Chattardi & Hamisar Lake
  6. For Shoppings Visit Sharaf Bazar,Vaniyawad,Maher-Ali-Chok,Danda Bazar,Talav Street 
  7. For Handicrafts visit Shurjan Bazar
  8. Early morning visit Bhujiyo Hill For tracking

this all About Bhuj. More recent we will proceed to THE WHITE RANN OF KUTCH  which is 85 km far from Bhuj,on the way we can visit:-

  1. Black Hill
  2. Hodko Village
  3. Khavda village

First after 50 Km there we will find a check Post Bhirandiyari Check post from here will get permit to enter in White Desert from BSF. Without this permit you can not enter in the white desert .

Very first we will  find TENT CITY  in Rann Utsav which organize every year by GOVT. of GUJARAT. here we will going to stay in Swiss tents..in the evening we will proceed to white rann by own vehicle or by Camel Safari. After arrival there enjoy the Nature beautiful view of Night with moon light. than after it return TENT CITY of Rann Utsav  visit Handicrafts Market.

Most Important and very different feel of Magnetic flied you can feel here when we will come back from Black hill to Tent city at that time if we will trun off our vehicle still our it will run with the speed of 60-70’s speed even on the straight Road .

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rann utsav bookings and packages

rann utsav:


time to book your rann utsan swiss tent and enjoyment with A Class holidays..our team value your vacation time with your family and friends…Rann Utsav is the best destination for enjoying your time in Gujarat…Gujarat is n amazing place full of nature wonders and 18 cast inhabited there in Kutch…full of old Civilization and are ….Old buildings with lots of hand art on it..

Rann has 300 to 500 swiss tents approximately …..there you will find all the luxurious  felicities …

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Rann utsav bookings and Packages

Rann Utsav:-

Plan for a new destination this year for Rann Utsav ,this is the best distention for your New Year Celebration…on the occasion of new year here this day celebrated with lots of pomp and show..Numbers of tourist comes here every year and enjoy on a other level of cultural….people comes here from all over the world to enjoy their new year night…

you can find here:-

  1. Fragrance of Kutch
  2. Delicious food
  3. Sufi Music and dance
  4. camp firing
  5. adventures
  6. and many more amazing activities.

Book your Rann utsav Swiss tent we have the best packages for this beautiful TENT CITY.

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Gujarat fusion of  mother nature loves and man’s wonders,Gujarat a place where a visit to single destination can transport you many centuries ago,because gujarat is unique land of diversity has many topics to up work. and most popular part of Gujarat is Kutch…among the traveler of the world comes here in Gujarat every year.


Kutch the land of the creators ,a land of myriad color and infinite  verities ,Kutch where time has left its foot prints,passage of time the foot prints can be observed with Dhola veera,this is the oldest city with many years ago civilization. Magnificent architecture and Structures.all old civilization left lots of things,and buildings as there legacy art and architecture . milds and milds  of land marsh have given birth to many unique society …which is full of colors.the people of kutch has bareness with their colorful hand made embroidery.every community have their own art and embroidery which is world famous.

Kutch Rann utsav:-

you can feel these all civilization surrounding you on the occasion of Kutch Rann Utsav. also feel the nature the beautiful romance SKY AND LAND in the full moon night.

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rann utsav bookings and packages rann utsav 2017 package

Rann Utsav:-

Kutch is a District of Gujarat where  kutch Rann utsav organize in Dhrondo Village..Rann white desert is Approximate 5km from the Tent City. Kutch is a very wonderful place here one side The Large White desert and on another side its full of Hand Arts,Dance,Music.

Kutch is the most largest district of India and Gujarat too.Here we can find lost of cultural and 18 casts they all live in this desert area.they all have different languages different rules and regulations but still all live together with lots of happiness and joy. Numbers of tourism comes here to see and visit these civilizations here in Rann of Kutch.

At the time of Kutch Rann Utsav, people comes to see Sunset,sunrising,full moon night. As time passes from morning to evening it changes its color in the morning with the light of Sunrising this white desert looks with orange color in the noon its looks white pure white,it shines like pearls on earth,at the night the full Rann gives the reflection of Moon Light…this is a place full of peace and nature.

specially on the occasion Rann Utsav people comes here to enjoy this festival .Really the tourist can feel the fragrance of many casts here its really very true in a Kutchi song “KUTCHDO NANADANVAN…EK GHATH PR RAM BASAT HE EK GHATH PR RAHEEM MARO KUTCHDO NANDANVAN…”Amazing lines sung by Kutchi Ladies…time to feel the Kutchi Fragrance inkutch  Rann Utsav

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