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dwarka somnath

dwarka and somnath packages

dwarka and somnath tour:-

One the most arrival destination of tourist in Gujarat every year in dwarka and somnath .  this is the most  spritual place in india. in this life every person should visit these both places .One is lord Krishna’s Land The Dwarikadeesh temple, this is the most loved place of lord krishna …here he spend his good time with his all Queens specially Queen Rukmani .here in Dwrka you will find the only temple of Rukamani’s temple with very beautiful art work …..Speechless beauti of this plaace Dwarka .Dwarkadeesh temple of lord Dwarkadeesh. the most spiritual  Aarti of Lord krishna in the evening .

Somnath is a Lord Shiva’s temple with a beautiful Shiv lingum this shivalingum known as Somnath Jyotilingum, this is very spiritual place and full of positive energy every year lots of people come here to do PUJA (worship) of this shivalingum ….this place is famous for its energy OM NAMASHIVAY …this mantra plays here which full fill  us  with positive ORA….this both the best place to move for positive and charging your ORA…In gujarat this is the first Jyotilingum from all 12 Jyotilingum.

dwarka and somnath package.

dwarka and somnath package.

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