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Somnath tour

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This Jyotilingum is situated at in Gujarat. SOMNATH, DWARKA , JUNAGRH this part is known as Prabhas Shetra of Gujarat. Prabhas Means the Power of Light.Here,so many RISHI has did Lord Shiv’s Bhakti..here has  12 Sun temples was been at a time, this is the only reason this zone is known as Prabhas Shetra.

No doubt this place is know as SOMNATH Jyotilingum, but here Lord Krishna has spend some time with there all Krishna lilas. One of the most popular place is BHALKA Tirath. This place is full of Spirituality and positive power.

From so long this place is a way of Asatha and Shradha for people.

History of Somnath:-

1000 of years ago A very big and Beautiful temple there…but some of AFAGNI Kings enter rob all the Diamonds and gold from this temple also broken this beautiful temple of Lord Shiva..

After few of years in 1947 when India got independent,  Shri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel have taken this initiate with his team to construct this Somnath Temple.

today this place is the most popular place of India….So visit this place once…

Visit this Historical & Spiritual place with A CLASS HOLIDAYS

Gujarat Dwarka tour

gujarat dwarka tour book online | dwarka bookings and packages

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Dwarka (the Atlantis of EAST)

What is Dwarka ???

This place was been on the earth 3000 BC ago. This place is one of the Dham from all Four Dham of “SANATAN DHARMA”. Dwar means in hindi Darwaja (Door) Ka mean Bhrahma(the god who runs this universe) so the whole word means THE DOOR TO MOVE TO OTHER WORLD OF PEACE OR MOKSHYA.

Lord Shree Krishna have taken birth in Mathura and spend his young Age in Vrindavan than hi proceed to Sauratra…here according Puaran he have requested to SEA to give him a small piece of land to live & this land is know as Dwarkapuri today,Lord krishna became Dwarkadeesh.This Place is know as 8th Dwarka before it 7 Dwarkas dipped and destroyed in the Sea. This Place is Known as Gomati Dwarka.

This temple made by the Grand son of lord Krishna named Vajaranabh. Here we can find a beautiful Sliver Murti of Lord Dwarkadeesh. here near by a beautiful temple of CHARBHUJA NATH is located on the edge of Gomati River .

This is all about the Dwarka Dham…book your tour with A CLASS HOLIDAYS offers good Packages.

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Gujarat Tours and travels

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book your Gujarat tour now with A Class Holiday…

Gujarat is a place which is full of Nature and Man’s wonder …make it your next destination this is the place where you can find the fragrance of different cultures inhabitants ,different languages,colorful dressup, melodies music, surprising musical instruments which sounds so melodies…

here all the place have there own specialties which make this state itself amazing and speechless…

Places :-

  1. Dwarka
  2. Somnath
  3. Rajkot
  4. Amadavad
  5. lothal
  6. Diu
  7. Sasangir
  8. Jamnagar
  9. Saputara
  10. Junagarh.
  11. Kutch
  12. ETC.

visit Gujarat this is a perfect place to plan for your Vacations. this time plan with A Class Holiday…..we are here to make your trip perfect according to your days plan…we have good Packages and best price…

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dwarka somnath tour

dwarka and somnath booking and packages

Dwarka and somnath:-

  1. Dwarka is the door of Mokshya(to get free from this body and get connect with is soul ocean).According to Hindu religion this place is one of the most  holly place of India. if you have taken birth in Hindu religion its must to visit Dwarka once in life because this place is on of the CharDham …form here the CharDham Journey ends or Starts….this is a very religious land  which belong to LORD KRISHNA…

Here we can visit Dwakradeesh Temple (Lord Krishna)…this temple is so old and famous for its Historical Designs and its Spiritual energy…..In the evening here a we can Attend the Aarti(puja).and can feel the positive energy and can charge our Ora back….

India only RUKAMANI temple is also here(Rukamani was the One of the Favorite Queen from all 16108 Queens of Lord Krishna).Lady Rukmani looks very beautiful in this temple with all ornaments and heavy clothing.


2.Somnath the amazing place of GUJARAT….the powerful Shivlingum is here…which is very famous in world..lord Shiva has given Blessing to Moon here and given him life on this beautiful land of Sonmath….here an beautiful Sangam of Three holy rivers of India this placed  is Called as Trivendi Sangam. Huge temple of Shiva Jyotilingum.Balka Tirath this place is where Lord Krishna Left his Last Breath of his human Brith.

Dwarka and Somnath are perfect place for family and friends …..plan your tour of Dwraka and Somnath soon…

in Gujarat these both places  Dwarka and Somnath  are very religious place…Book your bookings now and get the best package……..

Visit Dwarka and Somanth Tirath with A CLASS HOLIDAYS:-

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Gujarat ki Khushboo:-

  1. Saputara:-

The starting location of Gujarat. this location is a star for Gujarat here we can find pure nature hill,full of trees, animals, birds,river,the really beauty of nature .

here lord Rama spent few time of his Exile time in these forests.this land full of Arts beautiful paintings,Dance and Music forms,famous for there delicious food.Feel the peace in this nature this is a harmony between a man and with this beautiful nature.

   2. Ahmadabad:-

Ahmadabad  is heart of Gujarat . No. of tourist arrival every year to Gujarat and visit Ahmadabad specially.This city is famous for its Delicious food and its law Garden for Shopping.Lots of historical places here to visit

    3.  Amba ji:-

Amba ji is a SHAKTIPEETH…this place is famous for MAA AMBE TEMPLE this temple is made by all white Marbles with beautiful..here we can also visit GABBAR hill.

 4. Dwarka:-

this a Door of  MOKSHYA Dwarka.this a Dham from 4Dhams..According to Hinduism your life is incomplete without visiting Dwarka dham.here A Historical temple Of DWARKADEESH (the lord Krishna’s)Temple this built many years ago.

 5. Somnath:-

Here Lord SHIVA’S very beautiful temple which includes in 12 Jyotilingums. Once in life should visit this place.

6. Gir:-

The Forest full of Asian Lions And full of Nature. visit Gir…A beautiful destination for nature lovers.

7. Kutch:-

Famous for its different Culture ,Arts and Handicrafts.Near Bhuj there is village Named Dhrondo where Gujarat Govt. Organize Rann Utsav this a very beautiful and marvelous place for couple and families too.

Plan to Visit this Beautiful State with our best tours and packages :-

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dwarka somnath

dwarka and somnath packages

dwarka and somnath tour:-

One the most arrival destination of tourist in Gujarat every year in dwarka and somnath .  this is the most  spritual place in india. in this life every person should visit these both places .One is lord Krishna’s Land The Dwarikadeesh temple, this is the most loved place of lord krishna …here he spend his good time with his all Queens specially Queen Rukmani .here in Dwrka you will find the only temple of Rukamani’s temple with very beautiful art work …..Speechless beauti of this plaace Dwarka .Dwarkadeesh temple of lord Dwarkadeesh. the most spiritual  Aarti of Lord krishna in the evening .

Somnath is a Lord Shiva’s temple with a beautiful Shiv lingum this shivalingum known as Somnath Jyotilingum, this is very spiritual place and full of positive energy every year lots of people come here to do PUJA (worship) of this shivalingum ….this place is famous for its energy OM NAMASHIVAY …this mantra plays here which full fill  us  with positive ORA….this both the best place to move for positive and charging your ORA…In gujarat this is the first Jyotilingum from all 12 Jyotilingum.

dwarka and somnath package.

dwarka and somnath package.

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Gujarat tours and packages :-

Gujarat  :-

Visit with A CLASS HOLIDAYS, this is a versatile place we can find lots of place here which makes is marvelous.If you Planing to visit various environment of Nature here we can find beautiful Beaches in Diu & Daman , can find Dark Forests in Gir where we can find Asian Lions Park, Spirituality of temples with Dwarka & Somnath the frist Jyotilingum of 12 Jyotilingum. historical monuments  in Lothal,Junagarh,etc. places. This all place make it Versatile . Here place is named as Kutch this a very beautiful place with nature.Gujarat tourism organize a Festival is know as RANN KUTCH FESTIVEL. The center of Attraction for tourism. If you planning for your holidays plan to visit here….with you family ,friends, or in couple . Paro …Saru Gujarat…Visit it ,Its Beautiful  still not visited here Plan today only.

A Class Holidays make your trip perfect with all this plan to visit with gujarattour.co.in.


Dwarka and somnath tour

Dwarka and Somnath tour

Dwarka and Somnath tour:-

A Tour Spiritual tour


Dwarka is a town of Lord Krishna. Here very beautiful and a very historical temple of lord KRISHNA the temple is known as DWARKADEESH TEMPLE. Lord Krishna has taken birth in Mathura,And spent his childhood in Gokul & Vrindavan , Dwarka is the place where Lord Krishna Stayed after Mahabharat with his wives.Major Tourist Arrive for Dwarka Tourism. Visit Dwarkadeesh Temple. Take a holy dip in Gomti river, later leave to visit Nageshwar Jyotirling, Gopi Talav, Bet Dwarka, and on way back do visit Rukmani Temple the only temple in the world,attend evening aarti at Dwarkadish temple.

this place is very spiritual with all positive powers for lord Krishna.here we can  feel all positive energy which make us relax this place full of beautiful market where we can do some purchasing and a chopati also over here.

Somnath  :-

Somnath is the Frist joytilingum from all 12th  jyotilingum.According to history or story Somnath it mean the lord of Som(moon).because here lord moon has pray to Lord  Shiva and Shiva saved his life but not completely able to remove his(moon)decease because  of  this full Moon and Less moon happens in this world .

here lots of places for visiting like Historical jyotilingum  temple of Lord Somnath, Trivendi Sangam, Balka tirath, Geeta mandir, in the evening a beautiful and spiritual Aarti of Somnath.

this is best places Dwarka and somnath for your Family ,Friends and for yourself to reboot yourself with all spiritual energy. visit Dwarka And Somnath.

feel the positive energy of here with those both beautiful place.

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kutch rann utsav

Kutch Rann Utsav | Rann Utsav Package Booking | gujarattours.co.in

 Kutch Rann Utsav:-

Rann Utsav

Explore yourself with nature here . A beautiful place of White Salt Marsh the White desert of Kutch. this is a place where we can see the miracles of nature. from April to Sept. this place full of water looks like a ocean, we cannot even think about this place will convert in a White Desert from Nov. to Feb. .People who have been visited Kutch say “RANN NHI DEKHA TO KYA DEKHA” ,This is a very true line.  here From Nov. to Feb.  Govt. of Gujarat every organize a festival named Kutch Rann Utsav .From Nov. to Feb.  the place full of luxurious tents so it’s called as Tent city. this tent city has divided in four kinds of tents :-

  1. Premium tents
  2. Deluxe tents
  3. Non Ac Tents
  4. Non Ac Economical tents

all around the  desert all most 500 tent available with full of felicities . This the most

tourism attraction place of Gujarat.

The Beauty of this Place:-

Some of days of year are celebrates here with pomp & show like Christmas Night ,New year Night, Etc.tourist come specially on Full Night moon here to see the beauty and Jhasan of full night moon here.In full moon night Kutch Rann looks like a heaven on earth full desert shine with the moon light.This is the special attraction of Tourists. Kutch Rann Utsav is full of attractions with Sufi Music,Delicious Food, & lots of adventures,  Near by Beautiful visiting place like Black hill(Kala Dungar) , Mandvi Beach(full of White sand), Small Villages of Kutch  which are full of nature,full of Cultures .this is the on place where all different cultures people live with very nearest villages  with full of colors in dress up & in languages, their living styles and many more colors about this zone…what you will find there in the tent city in mid of this utsav. this Utsav is famous for so many things  which make it special and different in its own way…Rann utsav is a place of living nature in a new way …make pots by mud its itself a fun ,do art on fabrics make your own cloth as memories by kutchi block prints …it will be great experience to be in this Rann Utsav .  Here we can find Handicrafts and many more different which make this place marvelous Kutch Rann Utsav.Perfect destination for  couple ,For family ,for friends and group the Kutch Rann utsav.enjoy Paragliding, The Camel safari, Suffi music, and many more attractive activities.

Kutch basically full of different culture, in the Kutch Rann Utsav time you can feel all the culture surrounding .

Bookings of Rann Utsav :-

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kutch rann utsav

kutch rann utsav

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