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dwarka somnath

Dwarka Somnath

Gujarat –

This is a land for every age person, Every one can enjoy here in Gujarat. This place is full of nature wonders amazing place…Here lots of Religious place situated main of these are Dwarka and Somnath..Every  year no. of people comes here to meet DWARKADEESH & SOMESHWAR MAHADEV.

Dwarka Somanth

These both place are full of Religious place to make your mind peaceful and clam..

In Dwarka you can visit DWARKADEESH temple, Rukmani Temple, bet Dwarka, Gomati River and many more else place..which will make your trip perfect and memorable.

In Somnath visit SOMESHWAR MAHDEV Jyotilingum, Bhalka tirth, triveni sangam, sun temple and many more else to make your trip amazing on these religious place..

Visit DWARKA SOMNATH with our best packages and best price with satisfied services.

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Somnath tour

Somanth tour

Somnath tour:

Let’s visit Somanth with us..this place is also a proud of Gujarat..

This is one of 12 jyotilingum and this is first and the most greatest JyotilingumNamed Someshwar Jyotilingum in Somnath…For Arrival this Holly place the nearest Airport is AHMEDABAD & RAJKOT. Form there our Cab will come to Pick you from there..

According to Mythology  in DWARPAR YUGA lord Shree krishna have build this temple by Sandal woods..lots of time this place has broken By MUGAL kings and than again it build by Shree Valabh bhai patel after independent of India in 1951.

This temple looks so beautiful with is stone art work of Shilpakari..When we enter in temple can feel the Peace of mind. Just in front of Somnath Temple there is Small Temple of Shiva this temple make built by AAHILIYA BAi in 1782.

Near this temple we will find a shopping center..After shopping lets move to 400 meters a far Trivendi Sangam where 3  holly rivers mix to make a path to get mix in Ocean(Hiraniya,Kapila& Saraswati river). Near of this place there are few more beautiful places Sarda math, Higlaj Gufaa, Mahaprabhu. Near by this Pandava kund, Sun Temple. Here we can feel the place named as Bhalka Tirth where Lord Krishna has left his Body…

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dwarka tour

Dwarka somnath tour

Dwarka Tour :

Today we are going to discus about Dwarka Somanth How to go Dwarka??? Where should we stay??? Where should pay for good as DAAN?? So today we discus all first we will start for Dwarka let’s visit Dwarka with A CLASS HOLIDAYS..


This is a Place of lord Shree Krishna. This place was Lord Krishna’s Capital in Dwaparyuga. Now this place is known in 4 dham of India very peaceful & holy place with a holy river Small Ganga named GOMATI. People who comes here take a dip in this river and make pure their body according to mythology.

How To Reach Dwarka??

By Train bus Or airway reach to Ahmadabad you can book a cab with us with best price and experience divers. Who help you to make your trip perfect. You will find best hotels around the area but we provides the best hotel with best prices.

What to do after Arrival ??

After Arrival check in time 12’o’ clock so if you arrival earlier than 12 pm . Put your luggage to the local room of the hotel or your can book your hotel through us 1800-270-8181 / 7228886666 that you will not suffer for your betters.

Move to GOMATI Ghaath. Here Gomati river mix with the Arabic Ocean known also SANGHAM GHAATH. Take a dip in this river and take permission to move towards DWARKADESSH Temple…

Now let’s move to Dwarkadeesh Temple, this a temple which is 5 floor and this temple is have two Doors names ” Swarga Dwaar & Mokshy Dwaar”. This 235 meter is hight & on it 84 meter multi color Flag we will find. this is almost the most longest Flag in the world.

Here for Darshaan you will take 2 hrs. almost to reach towards the DWARKADEESH Also can visit the small temple or Mahal of the wives of Lord Krishna. After that visit PANDAVA KUND , You will really surprise to know here you will find Salt Water but in these kund you will find very pure & sweet water. Visit Laxmi Narayan Temple which is very old and “Rishi Durwash”  did his Tapashiya here under a tree.

You Can also visit DWARKA BEACH and enjoy sunset on the beach site with family & Friends.

Next Day In the morning 6:30 am go to DWRKADESSH TEMPLE again for Attending AARTI of morning.and move towards bet dwarka which is 30km afar from Dwarka, on the way we will find so many Temple

Visit these place on the way

  • Gopi talav
  • Rukmani mata Mandir
  • Nageshwar Jyotilingum
  • Bet Dwarka

after reach move toward the beach area and this is 30 min. boat ride to bet Dwarka in the ocean. At there you will find 5  big MAHAL first mahal is of Shree krishna except of his Wives.(Stayabhama, Rukamani, Radha, jamvanti).

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Rann utsav

Rann utsav kutch

Rann utsav Kutch :

Rann utsav kutch is a perfect destination to be once with A CLASS HOLIDAYS : 1800-270-8181

Rann utsav is a cultural event of Gujarat which basically organize in Winters From November to Feb. . this is a place where you can find lots of for everyone to do.

This festival in full of so many things to enjoy with adventure and fun ….Book this destination where your family can feel completely amazing with  this place named Rann utsav:

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Rann utsav bookings are open for this year 2017–2018.. Date is 1st Nov. 2017 to 20th Feb.2018.

Rann utsav is a ultimate place to be book this destination as your next destination with family & Friends book your tour to this wonder land named Kutch. Where is festival organize with all pomp & Show.

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Rann utsav

Rann utsav

Rann utsav :

Rann utsav ” RANN NHI DEKHA TO KUCH NHI DEKH” these lines are very true line as the experience of RANN UTSV Kutch festival is turly exotic..

The most popular kutch festival called RANN UTSAV is been organised by Gujarat Tourism every year from Nov to feb.

Where they creates an huge swiss tent city at dhordo village which is situated at white rann of kutch. And this tent city is having all the services and luxuries like a 5star category  hotel/resort.

There are several Rann Utsav packages available like;

1 night  rann utsav package

2 night rann utsav package

3 night rann utsav packges

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Rann utsav

Rann utsav information


Rann utsav :


Rann utsav Packages


Rann Utsav Packages 02n & 03 Days


Rann Utsav Kutch


Kutch Festival


Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages | Rann utsav bookings

Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages | Rann utsav bookings

Rann Utsav | Rann utsav Kutch | Rann utsav packages |

Rann utsav bookings

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Rann Utsav Bookings | A Class Holidays

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Rann utsav packages

Rann Utsav Attractions

Rann Utsav Attractions :

Rann Utsav is center of attraction in Gujarat, People comes here all over the world to attend this grand festival. Here you will find lots of center Attraction things like its ART & handicrafts in Shopping zone and the traditional & Cultural Programmers in the evening.

Small villages Surrounding Rann utsav, the Swiss Tents with all facilities, game zone, club zone, White Rann of Kutch, Kala dungar, Nageshwar mahadev, koteshwar mahadev, Narayan sarovar, wild life and many more things which makes rann utsav perfect and amazings with lots of activities.

Book this beautiful destination with A CLASS HOLIDAYS(make your tour memorable) with us. We provide the best services and

Rann utsav packages & price for Rann Utsav.

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Rann utsav cost 2017-2018

rann utsav cost 2017-2018


Rann Utsav offers one and two nights package to experience the unforgettable stay and tour of Kutch.It’s important to know about best kutch rann utsav package price for trip at kutch, Gujarat.

Find rann utsav Packages  : – https://www.rannutsav.biz/packages.php .

 There is best occasion for rann utsav package when entire full moon night seen. This is called rann of kutch best time to visit during this. Check out latest rann utsav reviews about our best services and book rann utsav 2017-2018 package with A CLASS HOLIDAYS Gujarat. We book tour according availability of rann utsav 2017 dates.

Enjoy India’s best cultural festival Named “Rann utsav kutch”, kutch rann utsav, rann utsav in Gujarat. Rann utsav booking open for rann utsav india, rann utsav Gujarat. We also do rann utsav online booking for rann utsav in kutch, rann utsav in india.

We offers best discount price rann utsav package, rann utsav packages for entire family and couples. Dial +91 722-888-6666 | 1800-270-8181 for Rann Utsav Package, Rann Utsav Packages.  A CLASS HOLIDAYs Gujarat offers best rate for Kutch Rann Package, White Desert Rann Festival Package for Individual, Couple and Group Tour.

Find Rann Utsav Tariff. Inquire today for rann utsav package price, cost for your desired travel date.

Rann utsav festival will be held for three month of every year in winter season. This festival offers many kutch attractions like White Rann, Mandvi Beach, Handicrafts villages, textiles of kutch made by local villagers, unforgettable beautiful natural wonders and Heritage of Kutch Tourism.

Book Rann Utsav Tour Package for Kutch Utsav, Rann Festival 2017, 2018. A CLASS HOLIDAYS Gujarat offers Industry best rann utsav package, rann utsav packages, kutch utsav package.

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dwarka somnath

dwarka somnath bookings online


Gujarat is a beautiful place here we can enjoy so many different environment and cultures people who live here says “Char Kos par badale pani or AAth kos pr badle vani…Different food, different place like historical place, beach place, hill stations, forests and many more changes after a certain distance.

Dwarka Somnath tour

These both places are known as the most power and peaceful place of not only Gujarat but also whole India. these both place are the most priest place which is known as MOKSHYA DWAR and other is known as JOYOTILINGUM.

How to book your tour online for DWARKA SOMNATH ??

the distance of Dwarka from Ahmadabad is 451Km almost 7hrs.30min. route.

we can move from Ahmadabad by private Cab.

from RajKot the distance is 235km and it takes to cover this distance 4hrs 50 min. almost..we can reach to rajkot by train or air..from here we can hire a cab for dwarka that cab with make you visit all the places after reaching dwarka

first arrival can be Ahmadabad or Rajkot

  1. Jamnagar
  2. Dwarka
  3. porbandar
  4. somnath
  5. Diu
  6. Sasan gir
  7. Junagarh
  8. Rajkot

visit Dwarka somnath with a class holiday our team works from Ahmadabad and we organise tour for Gujarat & Rajasthan..book your tour and all travel service with us

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rann utsav 2018 date

rann utsav 2018 dates

Rann Utsav

this year Rann utsav Dates have decided by Gujarat Govt. is 1st of November to 20th February ..

this is the best time to visit Rann utsav kutch  that we can enjoy the festival ot White rann of Kutch, the festival of Colors, the Festival of joy, Book this destination in mid of Nov. to Feb. for enjoying Rann utsav.

mostly the tourist come here in the starting of Dec. to enjoy all upcoming celebrations of the ending of the year like Christmas Night & New year night here in White Rann of Kutch ..

Plan this place as your next destination as Rann Utsav with family and friends..

Book it with A class holidays we offers the best Rann utsav packages and all services related tours..

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